The idyll

at the wadden sea


The idyll

at the wadden sea

to have time


you have to take your time

to be free

ROOMS – contemporary interior

The rooms with their very individual characters  spread charm and  elegant ambience. Discreet luxury and  the unique location create such a good atmosphere. All rooms are facing the wadden sea.

The idyll by the Sea

Directly at the Wadden Sea lies the small oasis on the outskirts of Rantum. In the thatched Frisian house we offer 10 newly designed rooms and suites with terraces, in season with roofed wicker beach chair.

wine trade – for connoisseurs

Selected wines from the best wine-growing regions in Italy characterise the product range of our winetrade. Personal contacts to the wine makers  guarantee quality and moderate prices.



 tidal & high tide 2019

Whether it’s tidal or high tide, raining or snowing, your stay will be especially beautiful and wonderful! Here you will find the current water levels in the 2019 Tide Calendar (Link Wisuki). The tides are indicated for the main beach of Rantum.

Breakfast on terrace ? but for sure !

For some time now we notice, that there ist a gathering of roofed wicker beach chairs. A sign for the beginning of the merry month. Preparations for outdoor activities have begun. Even if not all activities in the beach chair have to be sweat-inducing and are instead limited to turning the pages of a book, is devotion to nature to be regarded as quite beneficial to health. Therefore we also offer our breakfast on the terrace in May. By the way: here also beach chairs have gathered and provide their seats.

Herbst am Wattenmeer

When it’s time again

The voucher for a stay in the feel-good oasis – for you, for him, for her, for friends  – a gift for the soul and you have the choice which should be made happy…


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